We bought our first weaner pigs in the spring of 2014. It was our first time ever raising a large meat animal and we have really enjoyed learning about these intelligent and entertaining animals. In the summer of 2015, we invested in a boar (after holding back a few gilts from among our butcher hogs that year) and welcomed our very first litter of eight pigs in March of 2016.

Our breeders include a Large Black boar, Brutus, a Large Black gilt, Hildi, a Berkshire sow, Millie, and a Berkshire/Hampshire sow, Cheddar. We chose to raise heritage breed animals to provide a tastier, more sustainable meat for our family and our customers. Large Black hogs are known for their excellent foraging ability. As for the meat, Berkshires are known for their inter-muscular marbling and superior pork chops, while Large Black hogs have a darker and juicer meat compared to commercial hogs (this pork is NOT a white meat).

One of our goals on the farm is to raise happy, healthy animals. The animals provide food we need to live; in return, we give them the best life possible by providing space to dig, play, and nap in the shade.

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