CHI Farms - Summer CSA 2015

We want to help you feed your family farm fresh vegetables this summer. To do that, we are offering our second annual summer CSA (that stands for community-supported agriculture). If you have never heard of a CSA, think of it as a subscription food program. When you buy a share of our CSA, you provide us with money up-front to buy the seeds, tools, and supplies we need to have a successful growing season. In turn, you receive a share of the fresh produce we produce every week during the season.

Here is how it will work

Every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm, starting in June, we will pack up the best of that morning's harvest into “CSA boxes” ready for you to pickup here at the farm or at the WSU Extension office on the fairgrounds (you will let us know your preferred pickup location when you subscribe). Here are a few more details:

  • The CSA will run for 16 weeks, beginning June 17 (if the season permits, we may extend the CSA accordingly)
  • Enjoy our weekly newsletter with the latest news from the farm, information about the items in your CSA box, including recipes and ideas on how to prepare them
  • In addition to many standard vegetables, we will include opportunities to try new vegetables (will be in the weekly newsletter)
  • We will hold three Saturday “field days” here at the farm to see how your food is growing and meet your farmers
  • Join early and give us ideas about what you would like to see in your CSA boxes this season.

By investing in our farm this summer, you will literally share in the bounty of our farm. However, farming comes with risks. While we will do our best to make sure that the season is a success, we cannot control the elements. By investing, you are taking on that risk, along with us, and agree not hold us responsible for conditions and events out of our control. We hope you will want to be part of our adventure here this growing season.

***We anticipate having extra produce most weeks this summer. After we've filled your CSA boxes we will fill extra boxes that will be available FIRST to our members, THEN to the public. These extra boxes should have plenty of produce, but may not have the variety of boxes for a full summer share.

We are really excited to get started on this growing season. Will you join our adventure?