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We grew up “city kids” who decided to provide a different life for our children. A better life. A farming life.

Our farming adventures began in 2008 on rented land on the outskirts of San Diego County. We started with a few chickens, some heritage meat rabbits, and a garden...a garden that was almost completely devoured by squirrels. From 2008 until 2013, we continued to raise a small garden, chickens for eggs and meat, and rabbits, both as a conservation effort and for meat; though, we moved our family and farm to the Skagit Valley in western Washington in early 2011.

In the winter of 2013-14 we purchased our own property north of Cheney, Washington. Here, we plowed a new garden, started a large flock of laying hens, bought our first feeder pigs, and gathered a small flock of sheep. Since then, we’ve moved into farrowing our own piglets, breeding heritage chickens, and wholesale vegetable sales.

Some of our goals on the farm are to:

  • Provide high quality meat and eggs for our family and customers.
  • Raise heritage animals, listed by The Livestock Conservancy, to help preserve breeds and reap the benefits of our breeds’ superior mothering, flavorful meat, and stable health.
  • Provide a good life for the animals we raise. We give our chickens plenty of space to forage and search for food; we provide a healthy and safe space for our pigs to play, nap, and dig; and, we give our sheep quality pasture to graze and a safe place to lamb.
  • Use permaculture design principles to build healthy soil, reduce our need for off-farm inputs, and improve the overall sustainability of our farm and our lives.

While neither one of us was raised on a farm, we have learned a lot over the years: through trial and error, attending conferences, classes, and visiting other farms to learn from more-experienced farmers. We are dedicated to our farming life and will continue to do our best to improve the quality of our soil, raise healthy foods, and teach our children to respect the soil and the plants and animals that give us life. We hope to be able to share the bounty of this farming life with others and help bring more “city kids”, just like us, back to the farm to find the joy that it has brought to us and our family.



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I just had your mouth watering, delicious fresh beets for dinner. They were so good and loved both kinds. A little butter was perfect.

Patty F.


Spokane, WA